FTTH (Fiber to the home)

Image Using CSS Float Right and Padding with Text Justification Fiber-optic telecommunications began generating interest in the late 70s, but it wasn't until the mid-90s that the real breakthrough occured. The optical amplifier and narrowband filter, for example, were the basis of WDM and DWDM, which would become some of the biggest buzzwords of all time. The success of these innovations caused a tremendous increase in communication traffic and, consequently, constant bandwidth demand and growth. This quickly led service providers to respond by bringing the optical fiber closer and closer to the peremises, and finally to the peremises itself and directly to the home.

HPP Spilje project

Image Using CSS Float Right and Padding with Text Justification The largest accumulative hydro power plant in the river basin of the river Crn Drim is HPP Spilje located nearby Debar, in the west of Macedonia. It is one of the largest hydro power plants in the region with capacity 84 MW. HPP Spilje has stone deposit dam with height of 100 meters, which forms accumulation with total volume of 520 million m3 out of which the useful volume amounts to 223 million m³. This project involves the replacement of the copper wiring of the probes with fiber optic cables, which will result in increase in efficiency and decrease in enviormental issues.

Pigtails S

Product New pigtails S (standard series) are normally used connection solution with core cable. Especially within wall or rack mounted enclosures where they are either mechanically or fusion spliced.

LC adapter

Product LC Adapters are available in simplex and duplex configurations. Singlemode and multimode LC adapters come with a choice of zirconia ceramic or phosphor bronze split sleeves, for PC and APC applications. For SC-configured environments, offers LC Duplex with SC Footprint.